Addicted to … Feeds!

Thanks to Michael Charlier I got addicted with Feeds. I’ve always been a info-chrunchie but hated blogs from the start – I don’t want to visit websites each day just to check whether or not sth has changed. But now I discovered Feedreader, a fine little windows programm. But where to find (new) entries?
PlasticThinking: Moe’s Blog gave a hint where to look: searches RSS-Feeds in about 32000 weblogs. Surfing some more I found Both offer you to RSS your querys – so if you have a special topic you would like to watch, just set up a search and and this as a feed. Especially when you have rare keywords you don’t need to see what is happening around the blogs, just watch your personal blogsearchbot. Take „love chocolate“ at feedster as an example. 🙂

Michael Charlier has a fine explanation of Feeds and what they are good for(german).
(Original gepostet 2003-05-07)

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