Another men’s group oder Einhörner.

John Udell in Is social networking just another men’s group?

The male-dominated tech industry may lack the social skills for the latest incarnation of groupware […]
Another reason is even more awkward to discuss: gender. As everyone who attends conferences for programmers knows, the male-to-female ratio at these events is dramatically more skewed than that. „I feel like I’m at a Microsoft monastery here,“ wrote Rory Blyth from the most recent Professional Developers Conference. „I think I’ve seen about 2.5 females … it’s like they’re an endangered species.“ The observation holds equally true for open source conferences.

Brown’s soccer analogy doesn’t (yet) conjure up an image of a coed team. None of our usual sports metaphors for business teamwork invokes the “female’ traits — real or stereotypical — of empathy and social cooperation. If we expect social software to help rewrite the productivity equation, social skills and protocols become critical parts of the game. How can social software succeed if, in its development, half the population is so poorly represented?

Orkuts Bemühungen, wenigstens die Farben mädchengerecht zu machen, sind ein Anfang. Aber um die Early-Adpoterinnen oder Multiplikatorinnen zu gewinnen, reicht es nicht.

Wie lernte ich doch durch andere Blogs: Frauen wollen Stricken – und Männer wohl mit Stöckchen spielen.

(Heeeellooho?! It’s called a lance!)

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