Battlestar Galactica – that’s all?

(Original gepostet am 2003-05-10)
I’ve read at a movie site about „the new trailer of Battlestar Galactica„. Hey, great. Until I saw it. :o(
BG reminds me of childhood and endless times the same fighter, same starts and so on. I was always more into Star Wars but BG is still nice to watch. So I jumped there and – it was very disappointing. It was just a cheap imitation of the Star Wars teaser trailer. And even more disappointing to find out a) it would be just a mini series on tv and not a movie as I though, b) it would be just the story we already knew. I am not *that* much of a fan to complain about it but this looks like another cheap imitation we all know – remember the renewed Dune? *sigh*

But, I am not alone. While searching on the net for add. info I came across a website where protest is rising: They have several petitions (release it on dvd, continue not renew and so on). You’ll also find there Richard Hatch’s project for a new Battlestar Galactica . A pity his trailer is not there, I really would liked a look at it.

Why am I against a renewed one? It will be great for people new to this. But if you know the old good stuff it is difficult to forget all those faces and favorite lines in it. And you will always compare. (Needless to say I didn’t like the new Dune). The bigger reason is this: Any continuing will be done with the actors in this new series – and not with the old ones. Normally this is not a bad idea but infact Richard Hatch and other devoted fans seem to have tried over all this years to have a continued series. And to be honest: I think this would have been much better for new storylines.

I think I will set up a feedster search delivered to my feedreader for this topic ;o)


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