Bloggen als Gruppentherapie – oder was macht ein Blog einzigartig?

Schöner Artikel. lenn in „Boiling the Essence of Blogs – What Makes a Blog Unique?„:

I want to attempt to synthesize what I think makes a blog different from traditional journalism or a personal homepage based on this informal exercise that I have been doing. (…) Ultimately to me the essence of a blog is the common threads I see in the CONTENT of a great number of blogs. I have boiled it down to this:
1.) Social/Sharing Nature
2.) Transparency and Honesty
3.) Editorial Slant
4.) Conversational Nature
5.) Respect gesture via linking

Lesen. Unbedingt. Die Überschriften klingen trockener als es ist.

(…) The range of sharing on blogs is immense. Sometimes it is boring stuff that only people who are close to the blogger would care to hear about. Sometimes a blogger strikes a chord with readers and it becomes a sort of group therapy session en masse. (..)

There are individuals who connect now, not just organizations. What a powerful and unique thing.

All of these things together make up the essence of a blog to me. They are what makes them so refreshing and interesting in today’s world. These attributes together make up the essence of why blogging has proven not to be trend, but a style of writing that will endure and wil continue to grow in influence and relevance.

Und wie Scott im Kommentar schreibt:

I just don’t web surf anymore. I blog surf.

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