Das gebloggte Leben von Superman

Keine Ahnung, wie mir Scott Nivens Superman-Blog bisher entgehen konnte!

Habt teil am Leben eines echten Helden und seinen Problemen mit Reinigungen, beim Frauen oder Arbeitskollegen. Und die Behörden dabei nicht vergessen:

License renewed? Check. Date on Friday? Check!
I got my driver’s license renewed today. Now you may be asking yourself, „Why does Superman need a driver’s license? Can’t he fly faster than a speeding bullet?“ And you’d be correct. But the problem is, when I’m wearing my clever Clark Kent „glasses disguise,“ I can’t be seen flying around. So I need a driver’s license just like ever other law-abiding citizen.

And now let me tell you about the hottie named Suzy working the DMV desk. She was a tall leggy blonde with a firm tight body, kind of what Wonder Woman would look like if she used peroxide on her hair. We started talking and I casually „mentioned“ that I was one of the top reporters for the Daily Planet. I could tell she was digging me, so after making her giggle over a story about Perry White and his electric nose-hair trimmer, I reeled her in and got the seven digits. We’ve arranged a date for this Friday, so if any supervillians are reading my blog, DO NOT CAUSE TROUBLE FRIDAY NIGHT OR YOU WILL REALLY REGRET IT. I’m not kidding. Crime doesn’t pay, and neither does interrupting Superman’s chances of scoring.


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