Devil cat on Excel?

*grin* Dick Kusleika hat ein wunderbares Blog namens Daily Dose of Excel. Obwohl er keine Tiere im Haus (geschweige denn Bilder und ähnliches in seinem Blog) haben wollte, hat seine Frau ihn reingelegt – sie hat einfach eine niedliche kleine Katze mitgebracht:

I have learned one lesson, however: I should have been more like Dale Carnegie. I shouldn’t have laid down the law, but rather persuaded my wife that she didn’t want a cat. I don’t know if I would have been successful, but I do know that I couldn’t have failed any worse than this.

You know what I hate about blogs? It’s a bunch of people talking about their pets. Now I’ve gone and ruined a perfectly good blog by doing the same thing. Next I’ll be telling you what color my socks are. Thanks for indulging me and I promise not to mention this cat again unless it learns how to use Excel.

Das könnte sehr gut etwas werden, wie Frank in den Kommentaren ausführte – mit einer täglichen Dosis „Excel for cats„!

(btw, I would have liked to leave a comment but I think typepad has a problem with me *grrr*)

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