Die spinnen, die Olympioniken.

AdRants berichtet über weitere Einschränkungen; das mit dem Blog-Verbot war ja schon rumgegangen:

Athens Olympic Guidelines to Ban Attendees Possessing Non-Sponsor Brands
In the clearest example the advertising industry has gone insane, Athens Olympic „clean venue“ guidelines are said to warn against attendees wearing or consuming any brand that is not a sponsor of the event. In what certainly has to be either a joke or the manifestation of a marketing team gone mad, any attendee found with or trying to enter with a non-sponsor brand will be asked to leave or barred from entry. Has our business gone absolutely mad?

Yea, yea, the sponsors are all paying big bucks and they don’t want another brand ambushing their sponsorships but this is positively ridiculous. Maybe they should strip search women, removing non-sponsor brand panties, out of fear the tag might be seen when they bend over and are gawked at by male spectators. Insane. Thanks to Charley Brough for pointing out this idiocy.

Weitere Informationen zum Blogmaulkorb finden sich z.B. bei Cnews:

Hoping to take advantage of having an Olympic athlete in its ranks and the latest online fad, the University of Western Ontario recently set up a web log, better known as a blog, for rower Rosyln MacLeod.

But there’s a major snag. She won’t be able to post once she enters the Olympic Village in Athens because of International Olympic Committee regulations.

Die genauere Info versteckt sich in den Kommentaren bei David Akin

I’ve studied the IOC rules for media at: http://multimedia.olympic.org/pdf/en_report_612.pdf

‚These say ‚The Internet is an important medium for the communication and promotion of sport and the Olympic Movement. The IOC embraces this medium as a platform for disseminating coverage of the Olympic Games.‘

‚The IOC understands that media organisations have integrated this medium in their business and will be feeding their own websites with Olympic-themed content to target the online audience and better serve fans during the upcoming Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, Athens 2004.

However, the IOC has an obligation to ensure that any use of the Internet to cover the Olympic Games is in accordance with the Olympic Charter and in the best interests of the Olympic Movement as a whole.

Furthermore, the dissemination of moving images, including over the Internet, is covered by the IOC’s intellectual property rights, whose commercialisation to the licensed rights-holders of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, Athens 2004 provides the funding necessary to stage the Games and train athletes.‘

Von wegen, olympic movement.

Ich weiß, ich habe es woanders noch gelesen, unter dem Aspekt des Abriegeln wollens. In Kombination mit dem Druck der Sponsoren für das Tragen von Kleidung paßt es eindeutig ins Bild. Ich bin gespannt, was dabei herauskommt – ich denke, der Bogen ist langsam überspannt.

In jeder schlechten Sache etwas gutes: Ein Olympia-Blog Athens Olympic Games Blog. Und ich werde ganz sicher nicht alles am Schirm verfolgen, sondern einen Großteil per blogupdate :o)

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  1. Irgendein Link zum Blogverbot? Nicht jeder liest 600+ Blogs… 😉