Die Technorati-Tags und Google-Joice

Philipp, der Mann ohne anständige Kommentarfunktion, möchte ungern was von seinem Google juice abgeben:

In any case, I find it somewhat strange Technorati does not mention how to include appropriate tags right within RSS. Instead, they refer to different blog software packages handling this automatically, or else ask for backlinks like these …

<a href=“http://technorati.com/tag/google“ rel=“tag“>google</a>

.. which sort of sounds like asking for Googlejuice*.

Ihm kann geholfen werden, hat mir doch gerade ein Vögelchen gezwitschert:

You say you can have only one „rel“-attribute, which is true, but you forget you can have multiple values within a single „rel“ (separated by spaces).

rel=“nofollow glossary something“

is valid HTML and works as intended. Same is true if you e.g. want to include multiple classes for CSS — just divide single class names for one element by spaces.


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