Google, das Weib

Eigentlich haben wir es schon immer gewußt. „Das Google“ paßt nicht, der Google auch nicht. Denn – Google ist weiblich.

Glaubt Ihr nicht? Catherine Parker beweist Euch in The Inner Secrets of Google Revealed das Gegenteil.

It’s true. All the signs are there.

For starters, she’s smart and capable. She has a pleasing exterior, and she can multitask (what with all those millions of searches conducted daily). On top of that, she can raise a family too! Just look at all those kids she feeds: AOL Search, Netscape, Lycos, Hotbot…

She tends to get a bit emotional and slightly tempestuous every now and then. After each update, webmasters reel over Ms. Google’s latest tantrum. Today, Google is showing a whole different set of backward links that weren’t there yesterday, and many are from pages with a PageRank lower than 4! Webmasters who have optimised their site using one criterion do not know whether they’re coming or going. „What is going on with this latest update?“ they scream. „This wasn’t in the guidelines! This doesn’t make any sense!“ they rant. Well, neither does the link: command, but she didn’t tell you that either.) […]

Sehr nett. :o) Ich werde sie jetzt nur noch Googelinchen nennen …

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  1. Der, die, das google ??
    Meiner Meinung nach hat google gar keinen Artikel.