Great Honda-Add-Video!

Update April 2004: Honda now seems to have a webpage where you can watch the ad (needs flash, click on the ‚cog‘ on bottom left in the picture to start it). A good ressource for the add itself and articles about is can be found at this page. And yes, I fifured that it is ‚honda ad‘ in english, not add. But there are enough people searching for „honda ad“ and I am sure they like the links to! :o)

Did I already tell you that I am addicted to intelligent advertisment in all kind of forms – I love this kind of spot and this one is especially amazing. As told in one of the following links to this article there is nothing computergenerated in it: „Six hundred and six takes it took“.
Nicole, who is very sorry that has gone *sigh*
(Original gepostet 2003-05-05)

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  1. Ja, dieser Werbespot ist wirklich unglaublich, ich habe schon immer versucht, den im TV aufzunehmen!! Leider funktioniert der Link nicht mehr? Hast Du den noch??