Help! I’ve got IKEA too!

Okay, only a little bit. But then again … I should visit it again real soon, I really do need some stuff. Just a few things, of course. 😉

But for the moment, read The Onion’s report IKEA Claims Another 10,000 Lifestyles:

„This epidemic of self-assembled, clean-lined modernist furniture is still largely contained to densely populated urban areas, but the danger exists that it will spread to other regions throughout America,“ CIDC spokesman Chris Greeves said Tuesday. „At the rate it’s moving, our nation could suffer European levels of Scandinavian design within a decade.“ […]

„The chances of contact with the infectious brand are increasing rapidly, because very few areas of daily life are safe from the IKEA bug,“ Greeves said. „The existence of such seemingly innocuous items as IKEA tea lights, napkin rings, desk accessories, and beach-sports equipment dramatically increases the average person’s chance of falling prey to IKEA consumption.“

(via Bob Congdon)

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