How to call the appreciated regulars?

kasia in a nutshell beschwert sich über diese Bezeichnung.

If I see another entry on another weblog referencing to the „A-list bloggers“ I’ll commit a violent act. Of some sort.. not sure what yet..

Es hat bei mir den Gedanken ausgelöst, daß hier vielleicht – mal wieder – ein wenig undifferenziert an eine Sache herangegangen wird. Aus meiner Sicht gibt es hier das übliche „cool by association“, wenn man sich in die Reihe der populären Blogger dazustellt und den Wunsch, einen Hinweis auf Lesenswertes zu geben. Nur wie macht man sowas? Ich stelle bewußt hier noch einmal meinen Kommentar zur Diskussion. Denn es ergibt sich aus der deutschen Szene noch eine Besonderheit.
Anders als im Kommentar beschrieben, hat die deutsche Szene den Faktor ‚überschaubar‘. Das ist in den News so gewesen, das ist im Chat so gewesen (wer erinnert sich nicht noch an Zeiten, wo man bei „500 Users online“ wußte, daß die Netze wieder gesplittet waren?) und jetzt in der Blogging-Szene. Man liest untereinander immer wieder die gleichen Namen, oft auch die gleichen Themen. Nicht immer mit eigenen Gedanken dazu, sondern einfach nur kurze Links aufeinander, wo ich mir dann auch Gedanken mache, ob es nicht wenigstens zu einem Halbsatz mehr dazu gereicht hätte …

Aber egal. Ich meine mit dem Kommentar was ich sage – ich suche einen passenden Begriff analog zu Regular einer Newsgroup, qualitätsanerkannter Regular, must-read aus bestimmten Gründen. Wo man – nicht nur subjektiv sonder auch objektiv – etwas von dem ganzen Bild verpaßt, wenn man nicht wenigstens grob weiß worum es geht. Also – Vorschläge? :o)

I did a little research. I do read a lot of blogs (feeds to be precise, i don’t read blogs without feeds) but haven’t seen this term anywhere. Perhaps I only read ‚a-list-bloggers‘? Maybe this is different to me because I am not a native speaker in english.

I am far away from being a nice person. (Normally if I am nice to people the usual reaction is „What do you want? Or are you ill??“). But I would not see it in this hard way. What do I see there?

Mainly the fact, that the people a) want to give a hint to the popular gang, of course but b) the people are still building their repertoire of ‚common words for the new medium blog‘.

In social life, there are groups and persons you like to say hello to and listen to. In mailing lists and newsgroups there are regulars. But how can you be regular in the www, in the blogging scene? You can be regular if everyone is seeing you – but you don’t see every blog. How do you call then the bunch of bloggers every one more or less knows? Thinks they are a must read?

Perhaps you – as a ‚A list blogger‘ *grin* could see this in two different terms. One: „A list bloggers“ – this is for the guys who are not cool but want to be „cool by association“ and one to let other people describe what they want to – giving a reference to a persons blog which is not only known in the community of bloggers but has something they like.

But how to call such a person? I’ll give you an example of what I mean with this. I know a guy by chat which does post in several of my usual usenetgroups. I read his postings with very much joy cause they are alway wellformed, good in style of writing and quality of contents. I would really like to give this person a ‚thank you for making this net a better place‘ (which he does) but I can’t without being intrusive. I am very sorry about that. Ok, his ego would even go bigger so perhaps this is not so bad at all ;o)

You don’t know me, I am a person somewhere on this earthball but there are parts on the net where I *am* a ‚a list whatever‘ (sadly enough, some parts of this are still based on the fact that I am a woman). I feel uncomfortable with this too – but I would always agree if someone would try to use a term which describes me as „person who says things more or less often with a kind of quality which *I* as a reader not only like but appreciate very much. So much that I would like to share this fact with this person without being not nice or intrusive.“

Everyone would like such. And everyone saying he would not is a liar in my eyes.

You will always have the kids who like to be popular. But there a lot of people, grown ups, who still would like to share with the world what is good. Don’t you give links to other pages which you like? Which you not only like because on this special event but a lot of times? But – I can’t always write this long sentence. Give me a short term which give this with the context of blogging. I’m waiting for suggestions :o)


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