how to make the web a prettier place …

While reading the feed of I stumpled over his nice design (still working on this one). At the bottom it says „design based on wanker by deadbeat :: open source web design„. Open Source Webdesign?
Never heard of this kind of open source before. But, if you think about it – why not with webdesign? And we all know these ugly designs …. (yes I know mine looks like orange tictac at the moment. It’ll change soon.)

The websites states:

Open Source Web Design is a community of designers and site owners freely sharing designs as well as design information. […] Help make the internet a prettier place!

They add a very nifty search feature: „If you have come to download free designs, check out the Search Designs page where you will be able to search by color and W3 validation among other things. „

As a result, you get not only a list of matching designs, you also get a thumbnail. Try it!
(Original gepostet 2003-05-11)

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