It’s about as magical as a frog …

Was erst nach einer netten Gossipgeschichte aussah („First Daughter gets panned„) entpuppt sich schnell als Name und Wertung eines Films. Die Webseite RottenTomatoes ist mir neu, sieht aber sehr interessant aus; z.B. pro Film gibt es die Kategorien reviews, about, credits, photos, trailers, forum.

Was First Daugther betrifft, so sind sich die Kritiken ziemlich einig, hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt *gg*:

2/5 „Despite overblown music, fairy-tale trappings and sugarplum narration, First Daughter plays more like a nightmare than a dream, and an exceedingly unnerving one at that.“
— New York Times

2/4 „I’ll have forgotten it completely in a couple of days. If you’re a thirteen-year-old girl, it might take you a whole week.“

2/5 „Ladies, if you get your man into this movie, and if he says that he liked it, he’s lying but yes, he really loves you.“
— Stefan Halley, HERO REALM

1.5/4 „Has any movie this millennium had less reason to exist than First Daughter?“
— Lawrence Toppman, CHARLOTTE OBSERVER

.5/4 „It’s about as magical as a frog that doesn’t turn into a prince when you kiss it, but still gives you warts. „

via Mike Steinbaugh

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