Mal wieder .. 20 Questions

Es war mal wieder Zeit, es zu spielen. Und ich bin wieder beeindruckt, wie gerade zum Schluß die Fragen extrem an der Sache vorbeigefragt scheinen und es doch trifft …
01. It is classified as Other.
02. Do you hold it when you use it? No.
03. Do you use it in your home? Yes.
04. Is it heavier than a pound of butter? No.
05. Can you get information by using it? No.
06. Is it soft? No.
07. Can you buy it at a store? Yes.
08. Is it multicolored? No.
09. Would you find it in an office? Yes.
10. Does it go inside other things? Irrelevant.
11. Would you find it on a farm? Yes.
12. Does it come in different colors? No.
13. Can you lift it? Yes.
14. Can it fit in an envelope? Doubtful.
15. Can it affect you (cause an effect to you)? Probably.
16. Can you use it with your friends? Yes.
17. Is it pleasurable? Yes.
18. Can you smell it? Yes.
19. Does it contain a lot of water? Yes.

I am guessing that it is a cup of coffee? Yes!
(Eigentlich war es der Kaffee in der Tasse, aber wir wollen nicht so sein ..)

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