Mordor by Number

Bei Grant Henningers The three nerdiest things in one activity („And then I immediately got up to blog about it as Jill whimpered helplessly in the background.„) durchzuckte es mich wissend. Denn ich habe mich (ein klein wenig) geschämt, mir bei der Oscar-Verleihung einen Zettel genommen zu haben, um ‚best-of‘ zu notieren. Damit ich es später bloggen kann. Soweit ist es schon gekommen.

Ich weiß, ich hätte schlafen sollen, aber dieses ‚ach noch ein Oscar, noch einer‘ … und schwups war die Zeit durch. Selten genug, daß man eine solche Veranstaltung in englisch präsentiert bekommt. And here are the votes of my blognotes – ach nein, das kommt ja erst noch.

  • Best of Billy Crystal:
    „LORD OF THE RINGS… 11 nominations – one for each ending.“

    „When I first hosted the Oscars, thirteen years ago, times were different: Bush was president, the economy was tanking and we’d just finished a war with Iraq. Imagine that!“

    „Mr. Billy Crystal“

  • I can’t help it. Ich mag Zellweger nicht. Die Art von Person, wo es mir grauselnd über den Rücken läuft, weil sie immer so klingt, als wenn ihre Lunge nicht dicht ist und der Zahnarzt vergessen hat, die Wattepropfen aus den Wangen zu nehmen..
  • „My point is, each and everyone who has contributed to this moment, friends and foes alike. Yeah, I couldn’t have done it without the foes.“ (Blake Edwards)
  • „We’re so thankful Lord of the Rings did not qualify in this category,“ Denise Robért, bester ausländischer Film.
  • Die anderen Dankesreden kann man nachlesen
  • Wer nicht mitbekommen haben sollte, worum es beim Sieger geht: Lord of the Rings – slightly condensed (
  • Joho the Blog in The money behind LOTR

    So, here’s a toast to the money guys who said Yes to a director whose pitch must have gone something like this:

    • I’d like to film one of the most beloved and jealously protected literary properties in history.
    • I’d like to turn it into a sword-and-dwarves epic that will run somewhere between 9 and 11 hours.
    • I plan on shooting the largest, most complex battle scenes in history. And you can trust me based on my work in Heavenly Creatures.
    • We’ll have to invent the most convincing CGI effects ever. In fact, the pivotal character will be made entirely of pixels. And you can trust me to bring true humanity to the art of digital acting based on my breakthrough work in Meet the Feebles.
    • A work of this scale will require marshalling 25,000 people over the course of several years. And I think I proved my ability to do so with Valley of the Stereos.
  • Apropos ausländischer Film: Der Guardian in Mordor by numbers

    Had the film’s fleeting bits of Elvish dialogue been enough to qualify it as a foreign language picture, it would probably have bagged that too. […]

    By the close of the night Return of the King boasted a record-equalling 11 Oscars, which places it alongside Titanic and Ben Hur. This might lead the casual observer to assume that the final part of The Lord of the Rings is a significantly better film than either Fellowship of the Ring (four Oscars) or The Two Towers (two Oscars). In fact, this is almost certainly not the case. Instead, its mammoth haul must be seen as a belated reward for the entire trilogy – a lifetime achievement tribute in all but name.

    And now it’s over. Middle Earth has annexed Hollywood and pocketed its biggest prizes. Jackson is moving on to direct a remake of King Kong, and Return of the King is readying itself for the DVD market. „This closes the book on The Lord of the Rings,“ the director told reporters outside the Kodak Theatre. Elvish has left the building.

Natürlich ist es eine Auszeichnung für alle drei Filme, trotzdem: Soviele Menschen, soviele Mannjahre an Energie, Ressourcen – diese Oscars sind vor allem Auszeichnungen für die Teams. Es fehlte nur die Nominierung von Christopher Lee für „best actor in a supporting role“ …

Allerdings, den Oscar für beste Adaption einer Romanvorlage hätte er jedes Mal verdient: Noch nie hat jemand aus einem so langweiligen Buch einen so guten Film gemacht. Und das gleich drei Mal. :o)

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