Während ich meinen Katzenbild-Gelüsten dank entsprechendem Flickr-Feed ganz gut Herr werden kann, wollte ich Euch dieses Möbel doch nicht vorenthalten:

The Prrrounge is a chaise lounge designed especially for feline needs. Its wide shape allows your cat to fully recline and stretch, while the gentle curves hug and cradle your cat’s body.

The raised design allows for interesting sleeping contortions that only a cat could find comfortable, as you are likely to see paws, a tail, or even a head draped happily over the edge.

The space under the Prrrounge makes for a secluded napping spot or simply a nice hideout. And because the Prrrounge is constructed from sturdy corrugated cardboard, its also the perfect outlet for filing claws and scratching away feline frustrations.

Ein wenig teuer, aber für den Katzenliebhaber …

(via Beatriz / blog da batixa)

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