republica 2008: Interview mit Julian Kücklich

Julian Kücklich is a media futurist associate and will be presenting „A Mass without Criticality – Virtual Worlds, Social Networks, and their Discontents„.

He and I talk about:

  • What is your Facebook highscore? Why Facebook is as much about social status and gaming as World of Warcraft
  • Social contracts and social pressure
  • are gamers more literate in new media?
  • empty signifiers and the struggle between the exploiters and exploited
  • why it is not just about exploitation but also empowerment
  • self made profiling
  • his new job as media futurist associate where he will be working very with old fashioned entities

Download MP3 (36 min, 21 MB)

Last years interview with him: „Online-Rollenspiele als soziale Utopieräume“

Übersicht der Republica Interviews 2008 und Republica Interviews 2007.

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