republica 2008: Interview with Mark Fonseca Rendeiro

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro aka Bicyclemark is a citizen reporter and one of my favourite podcasters simply for the fact that he makes me listen to thoughts I could care less about – and care about them afterwards.

He will be on the panel „Citizen Video-Journalism“ and give a presentation „The Audience that Wasn’t There – Independent Citizen Reporting and Struggling to Find Your Audience„.

He and I talk about

  • about his work and his background
  • why bloggers shy but often are good sources
  • why podcasting brought him so many friends, so many adventures – and such poverty
  • advertising dollars for citizen reporters or selling your soul
  • why companies should not really sponsor citizen journalism
  • Senator Spitzer, the fact nobody talks about and why Wall Street is so überhappy
  • Web 2.0 – codename for free labour, MLM and a conspiracy
  • if you want to play with the professionals, you need to step up your game
  • why old media people need to retire

Download MP3 (38 min, 22,4 MB)

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  1. Hi bei mir funktioniert das Apsielen der Audiodatei leider nicht richtig.
    Wenn ich auf Play drücke merke ich zwar das etwas geladen wird aber es kommt kein Ton
    Ich benutzte Opera.
    Was muss ich tun das die Audiodatei doch noch läuft