Schon mal die IRC-Bibel gelesen?


Genesis 2-3 (Adam & Eve)
* Adam has joined #Eden
listen up, adam
I got some trees up there, and one of them is Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
If you eat from that tree, I’ll kickban your ass
k, dude, relax
Almost forgot, I have some companions for you
* Bunch_of_animals has joined #Eden
Boo, hiss, rattle
Jeez, great
erm, Adam
You’re not supposed to do that with a chicken

Und sie bleiben nicht unschuldig …

* Jehova has joined #Eden
what have you done?
it was the serpent!
Serpent, schmerpent!
* Jehova sets mode: -v Serpent
* Jehova sets mode: +b Adam!*
* Jehova sets mode: +b Eve!*
* Adam was kicked by Jehova (Get out!)
* Eve was kicked by Jehova (Get out!)
* Jehova changes topic to „and stay out!“
* Flamingsword has joined #Eden
* Jehova has left IRC (signed off)

Und dann, man wagt kaum es auszusprechen …

Genesis 1 (Creation)
* Jehova has joined #tohuwabohu
They’re still boring
Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds:
cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds
yes, pretty little animals
Now, we only need a man
One man to rule them all
One man to find them
One man to bring them and in dar…
well, you catch my drift

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