Techie toys for Toddlers

Aus der Serie „womit mein Kind noch spielen könnte und wie ich damit neue Anschaffungen rechtfertige“: Techie „Toys“ My Toddler Digs

Like most new dads, I am prone to compulsive toy shopping. I don’t always buy but I certainly go shopping at my local toy store, Tree Top Toys, much more often than I did before Kiera RTW’d last August. With few exceptions, Kiera prefers *my* stuff to the stuff I buy her.

If I’m holding something, if it smells like me, if looks like it might be „m-i-n-e“, moves in a certain way, and in general emits some sort of light or sound, especially when unexpected, Kiera waaaants it. She muuuuust have it.

(via Maryamie)

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