The Apprentice für Software-Entwickler?

Gunnar Kudrjavets schlägt Trump-ism für Entwickler vor:

However, to blend in I’ve been following „The Apprentice 2“ and my colorful imagination tells me that what will be really cool 😉 is the similar show about software developers. You can already imagine the following dialogs in the boardroom:

Participant 1: We lost because Participant 2 never wrote any unit tests and therefore our application crashed.

Participant 2: No, you’re wrong. We lost because you told me not to bother adding any assertions to our code. If I would’ve added the assertions we would have won.

The Guy Who Runs The Show: Participant 3, what do you think? Whose fault it is?

Participant 3: I think it is leader’s fault. He told us not to install low-level debuggers because GUI tools will be enough and I told him that Real Programmers don’t use GUI tools.

The Guy Who Runs The Show: Participant 1, you’re fired because you used variable names like lpszfoobarCount.

Ich werde morgen mal meine Variablen durchgehen – die sieht zwar keiner (mein Chef hat die Analogie von „awk = sowas wie ein Kaffeefilter“ begriffen, aber mehr sollte man ihm nicht zumuten …), aber man kann ja nie wissen. :o)

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