Wie konnte ich den verpassen? :o) Dank eines Blogeintrags fällt er mir noch mal wieder in die Hände:

Aber Doodles Zeichnen ist nur ein Teil des Jobs von Dennis Hwangs:

And I’ve done all the doodles ever since; I’ve produced almost 150 by now. The doodles are only a small part of my actual job (as Google’s international webmaster, I’m responsible for managing all our international site content, which keeps me plenty busy), but it’s definitely my favorite.

Holding up my mockups and then holding my breath while Larry and Sergey do their „thumbs-up, thumbs-down“ emperor thing is never boring, and I love the fact that my little niche within this company turned out to be something so cool and creative and, well, Google-y.

Nice :o)

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